Also comment, please, about how good my site is and other Animals that are facing extinction or deforestation.



05/01/2008 12:09

Hi! I play on Club Penguin too! My penguin's name is Gesskris.

I really like how you are putting this up here to show how we are so mean to the earth! I am a news reporter for a group that is kind of about saving plants. I will recommend this site to the group. Thank you!


06/24/2008 14:57

I like this website a whole lot. not only did you include stuff about global warming, but also about animal extinction and deforestation. These are all big issues to me, along with hunger (Which you did include a bit), and animal slaughter, entertainment abuse, and cruelty. I think you did a great job, and you can bet that if people see this website, they'll be more than happy to buy a hybrid car and sign petiotions for animal hunting.
Also, if you go to www.lolgurlz.weeebly.com, you can learn some more stuff about animal entertainment abuse, and pollution, along with many other lsarge issues about the Earth.

Thanks. It's nice to know someone cares.



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