Forests are being cut down because apparently we need more crops and land. If we have no trees, we have no life. The plants provide oxygen for us to breathe. Without plants we would've never existed. Yet here we are, carelessly just making them into furniture.


Cutting down Rainforests is a big problem. Animals are losing their lives just because we want more room for farms. Farms are not essential for life. We have enough farms already. People are just greedy for themselves, and they are not thinking about other people, animals or anything. Another bad thing about cutting down Rainforests is that we are losing the plants for medicine. What if there is a plant in the rainforest that has a cure for cancer? Well we're not going to get it because of deforestation.


I know this sounds like a great idea, but it's not. It's good for the atmosphere, but it's not good for the planet. Because of biofuel people are cutting down forests to make room for more crops to grown corn to make biofuel. Also the price of corn is going up, so poor people in Mexico, for instance, will not be able to buy corn to make tortillas and corn chips.
Here is an article about Mexican people protesting about the price of corn.